3 Days Online Trial $19.95!

For just $19.95, get a sweet, sweaty taster of working with your Personal Trainer Tee online over 3 days of full body/tummy workouts, reaching every muscle you never knew you had in your body; plus giving you an easy, daily nutrition tip which you can start using straight away.

How does the trial work?

From within 24 hours from when you sign up with Tee, you will hear from her every day over the course of the 3 days trial.

Your first email will give you details of what you need to start your 3 days of workouts e.g. comfy workout gear.

What are the steps to signing up?

1. To sign up, press on the Paypal Button below to make your AUSD$19.95 payment.

2. Once you've made your payment on the Paypal website, please wait for Paypal to process your payment. You should receive your Day 1 workout within 24 hours from when you make your payment. 

3. You will then be added to the VIP list which will ensure that you automatically get your workouts and nutrition tip email each day from when your trial begins. 

*Please contact Fitness To A Tee by clicking here now if you don't receive or see any of your 3 day Flat Tummy Trial workouts and nutrition tips. 

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