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Tee says, 'fitness is a holistic lifestyle for me  - it has allowed my mind and body to stay strong. My mission is to pass this great feeling to you and help you enjoy your life, your families and loved ones. Fitness To A Tee works in a holistic way through educating its worldwide clients on physical, mental and emotional health.'

Committed to your Holistic Health Lifestyle

Tee helps you by using Holistic Health methods so there is focus on:

1. The physical: through exercise-related sessions.

2. Emotional & Mental e.g.

  • consulting with you on any emotional and mental areas involving your health

  • referrals to other Natural Health Therapists where appropriate such as Naturopaths; Physiotherapists; Counsellors and 

  • use of natural products such as pure essential oils etc. 

Please note that normal one-on-one gym rates for a Personal Trainer of Tee's experience and level are AUSD$90-100/hour. You can use this rate as a measure of the excellent value you are receiving from her online, customised coaching programs. 
Image taken by Alexandre Puchalsck, whilst on the Indian Ocean, travelling onboard P&O Arcadia cruise ship towards Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2019.
Teurai Chanakira (call her Tee)
About Me

I recorded a 60 sec video

intro so you can get to know how I can

help you.

Professional Background
The Founder/Personal Trainer at Fitness To
a Tee, is Teurai Chanakira ('Tee') - a fully qualified exercise professional registered with Fitness Australia, and living in Melbourne, Australia. 

Are you looking to get healthier; fitter; have more energy; maybe lose some weight particularly around the midsection/belly area?

Tee says, "my long-term experience in the Health Industry allows me to help you achieve your goals! I am 39 years old now and started my fitness journey over 25 years ago. I  have an older sister, Eden, who has always been one of my biggest influences in helping me to be dedicated to a holistic approach to Health & Fitness. As a young girl growing up in Zimbabwe, I excelled in my school Hockey and Tennis teams and cycled regularly. I enjoyed pushing myself and feeling healthy within". 

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Are you working or maybe a busy parent who would love to fit in a few, easy minutes each day for your health, whilst still feeling like your lifestyle is being considered and getting amazing results?


"After studying and practising Law in the UK, I realised that I was depressed in my work and that Law wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had always wanted to be in the Wellness field, so when I got to 30 years old - I took the leap and started my Personal Trainer qualifications. The rest is history! You have one life - I can encourage you that you can live it doing what you enjoy. A healthier  body equals a healthier mind! Let me help you fit in short but effective workouts and easy nutrition which will make you stronger physically and mentally to handle your life".


Are you wanting someone to teach you simple ways to incorporate self-discipline into your health, so that it becomes a part of your routine without it feeling like a 'drag'?


"In 2014, I also became a Fitness Athlete/Competitor by competing in my first Fitness Model competition run by the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Australia (INBA). I learnt how to be even more self-disciplined as a Competitor and I would love to pass on practical tips to you for everyday life. I  achieved one Gold; two Silvers and two Bronze Medals in my competitions from 2014 until 2016". 

Do you want to gain easy to grasp knowledge on what is actually happening inside your body/organs on  a biolgical level, that causes you to have a flabby belly or any other health conditions such as diabetes? 

From November 2018 until August 2019, I travelled around the world to 72 countries and 85 cities working onboard Carnival UK's P&O Arcadia Cruise ship as a Holistic Health Coach/International Personal Trainer for guests and crew. 


Having studied at the Steiner Fitness & Business Academy in London, UK before I went on this exciting adventure - I qualified in several practices such as Pilates and Yoga; but I also hosted almost daily Health seminars for guests, educating them in-depth on how their body works and empowering them to take action for better health.  

I would like to empower you too so that you can be more motivated to take action, based on an informed choice. 

You can follow my personal ship journey, including my top travel destinations by following my blog "The World From Tee's View". Click here now to view the blog. "

Do you want programs which include bonus value that you can use to improve your health and that of your family too?

"I have published a total of 5 books, including 4 which I wrote on my own and then a fifth one which I co-authored with Wizzy Mangoma in 2011. These books include easy to follow recipes; workouts and stretching guides which you can add to your lifestyle". 

Please click here to view and purchase Fitness To A Tee books on Amazon Kindle. Paperback versions of the book will be available in due course. 

Do you want to get a program and one-on-one coaching with a Holistic Trainer that is super focused on driving you to succeed, whilst matching what motivates you as an individual? 

Besides excelling in the Bodybuilding field, in 2013 - I am someone who thrives on the high standard and quality of Fitness To A Tee programs, which have enabled hundreds of people worldwide to achieve amazing results and transform their lives emotionally, mentally and physically.  Please click here now to see hundreds of some of fitness To A Tee's Before/After testimonials.


As a result of my work, I have been given such awards as the Captain Award 2013 at the national Celebrate African Australian Awards, held at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. The award was for exceptional achievements in Commerce.

I have also been nominated for the Zimbabwe International Women's Award, Sportswoman of the Year 2014 and also in 2015. In the same 2015 awards, I was nominated for Motivational Speaker of the Year.


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