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Flat Tummy Guide for the Everyday Woman Volume 1: Beginners At-Home Nutrition & Workouts Volume 1

Are you new to exercise, want to train from home and get a flat tummy? This book is the first in a Fitness To A Tee series for Beginners to Advanced exercisers, in which you will be taught the the fundamentals of the core - ranging from how to wake up your core before/during exercise; a full 5 days' exercise program with illustrations; and recipes to flatten your tummy, whilst tantalising your taste buds.

This book is a great resource which will empower you with more easy-to-grasp knowledge on an integral part of your body - the core!


Eat Your Way To a Flat Tummy


This book is for those who want simple, healthy and delicious tasting recipes which will help you not only get a flatter tummy, but give you multiple health benefits for life.


The recipes contained in this book come with details of the benefits of the healthy ingredients in each meal, so you know why each meal is so nutritious. Family-friendly; suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters - this book will motivate you to know that it's easy to eat your way to a flat tummy!

How Stretching Changed My Life: The Ultimate Guide To Stretching

Ever thought stretching was an airy fairy concept that only applied to "a certain type" of person? Revamp your thinking in this easy to follow guide where I tell you the personal story of how stretching changed me within and without, along with a stretching picture guide that anyone can use from anywhere to get multiple benefits, together with any other exercise routine!

How To Live From One Suitcase In One Year: Essential Fashion Options For Any Climate Whilst Your Travel
Want top tips on how to travel anywhere in the world...using just one suitcase whilst having endless fashion options; easy-to-use skin and hair care tips; plus a quick but super effective workout you can use in any sized hotel room or outdoors? Model and Fitness Guru Teurai (Tee) of Fitness To A Tee gives you all these top tips after she travelled around the world in 9 months whilst working as a Holistic Health Coach/Personal Trainer on a cruise ship, living in a small space AND using just one suitcase!
As They Find A Way: A Journey of Various Creative Women
This book which was co-authored with Wizzy Mangoma is available in paperback only. Oftentimes it is not easy to follow a creative career path. This book inspires and encourages those who are wanting to follow a career in any aspect of the Creative Industry by following the path which various female, Zimbabwean Creative Artists took to reach their goals. 
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