'I have been under one of Tee's meal plans that is not only great for me and my body, but reasonable on my pocket as well. Tee included food in my meal plan such as mbambaira (sweet potato), sadza (grits), meat and eggs. She directed me to reduce sugar intake drastically and this has helped me trim off the weight that I didn't need - 5kgs so far. She designed a tailor made workout plan, which gave me challenging exercises and has allowed me to do various exercises, with several of them new to me, that have shaped my body to what it is now. A picture is worth a thousand words and the proof is in the pudding! 


I am also now modelling and have already been on billboards all over Harare in an advertisement for MBCA Bank. I was also chosen as a MC for Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013'. 

'What I personally enjoy about training with Tee is that my mental and physical confidence increases with each session. I enjoy the interaction with her - Tee is very encouraging and listens to what you have to say and how you're feeling.


This has really helped with the challenges of achieving my goal and keeping focused with her help and the variety of programs she sets for me each session.

The benefits I have received from training with Tee are physical strength, mental toughness and loss of inches all over.

Achieving all the above goals gives me a sense of empowerment and a lot of it is thanks to the support I receive from Tee.  I find it especially encouraging when I receive emails from her keeping me updated with my progress plus I really appreciate the random texts I receive from her letting me know how well I'm doing.

Thank you Tee for all your help, encouragement and support!

Elaine Toma (40) Melbourne, Australia
Marshall Mutsamwira (30) - Harare, Zimbabwe​

Personal Training - in the gym


Besides providing corporate and other group fitness services worldwide, Fitness To A Tee also offers its services in person, in its first studio base person at the beautiful, central location: The FUNCtional Project: 82 St. Kilda Rd, St. Kilda, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3182 Australia. 

To book in your complimentary 1 hour consult, click here now to contact Tee. 

Besides helping you achieve a healthier; happier lifestyle; a stronger core AND flatter tummy through exercise and nutrition the consult includes the following:

*Needs Analysis so that we can help you reach your individual goal in a customised manner

*Full Body Assessment & Movement Screening

* Wellness Assessment.


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