Nutrition Coaching


Whatever your fitness goal, it is essential that you eat the right foods in order to achieve them. Fitness To A Tee is here to support you with analysing anything which may be hindering you and developing a specific nutrition plan to guarantee results.

Why is nutrition important?​

Fitness and nutrition are not mutually exclusive. Proper nutrition is like the fuel that powers a car. If the fuel is inappropriate, the car will not be able to function. The human body functions in the same way. A lack of fuel--or eating non-nutritious foods--can hinder physical performance and thus your fitness goals.


How does the meal plan work?


Tee will ask you in-depth about what you usually eat, so she can get a snapshot of and understand your eating patterns. She then designs a tailor made meal plan just for you based on your height, weight, goals and lifestyle.


You can get a meal plan separately without undertaking Exercise training with Tee. 





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Eat Your Way to Life Changing Health Nutrition Plan

  • Customised meal plan with options per meal 

  • Suitable for vegans; vegetarians; any other dietary requirements

  • Family friendly

  • Video or phone Check in with Tee every 2 weeks

  • $120

  • It takes most clients 6 weeks to adjust to this eating plan, then you can use the habits in this plan as a foundation for your eating - for life. 

Cleanse & Rejuvenate 21 Days Nutrition Plan (Detoxification)

Do you know where your stomach is? Your stomach is located near your sternum, byt the left side of the upper abdomen and is the size of your fist. Many clients worldwide want to lose weight from the midsection area which is below the stomach. Behind that often troublesome area sit your intestines.


Toxins which come from the environment, stress, processed foods, skin care products, medication etc build up over time in your gut.Therefore, once in a while - it is important for you to clean the gut or intestines to reduce the midsection area and to allow for effective nutrient absorption to occur your body. 

The Fitness To A Tee Clean Your Gut program includes a customised detoxification food plan with natural ingredients to clean your gut and improve digestion.

  • Customised plan which includes wholefoods and green juices/detox juices 

  • Vegan, vegetarian, meat eating, lactose intolerant & other allergies friendly

  • $99