Workout with Tee from home!

AUSD$59.99 total or pay AUSD$15/month for 5 months. Please email Tee at for the instalment option. 

What to expect from the workout

Each day (except the fifth day which is stretch + relax session), expect the following layout:

  • Instructions on how to activate your core

  • Optional dance warm-up to African music - 5 mins

  • Warm up #2 - 5 mins

  • Workout - 25 - 40 mins

  • Stretch - 5 mins

See video below giving you a visual snippet of 1 of the workout days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps to signing up? 

Once you've made your payment of AUSD$59.95 via Paypal, you will receive an email from Tee within 24 hrs confirming your sign in details to the app, so that you can access your plan. 

2. What if I don't have Paypal?

If you don't have Paypal, send an email to Tee at so that you can receive other methods of payment. 


3. What if I'm in an African country?

If you are in a country in Africa, you can email Tee at so that you can receive information of the rate for your relevant country. All proceeds from Workout with Tee plans purchased from an African country are made directly to the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust, Zimbabwe - a charity which supports marginalised cancer patients/their families in Zimbabwe with food hampers; medications and school fees for their kids. 

4. What results can I expect to see from this workout plan?

You can expect to see toning results; improved strength; increased energy; improved flexibility; more endurance; clothes fitting better; reduced stress levels and increased education on various exercises plus varied training methods used by Tee to help her worldwide clients achieve sustainable health results. 

5. What sort of workouts are included in the 5 days/week plan and are they always different each week?

The sort of workouts you can expect are resistance based workouts where you are using bodyweight or equipment such as dumbbells. If you don't have dumbbells it doesn't matter as Tee uses various household equipment in there too. Cardio workouts and stretch days are included.

Each of the 5 days is different. You will be doing the same workouts over the 4 weeks so that your body can learn the techniques and get effective, visible results. After 4 weeks, you can then go onto the next level. This is something you can discuss with Tee once you are close to the end of your 4 weeks.  

6. How can I track my results?

The Fitness To A Tee mobile phone app has various ways you can track your results such as through before/after photos plus doing tape measurements. 

Tee strongly suggests that you:

a. take photos of yourself wearing exercise gear: women in sports bra, men without a shirt from the front, side and back. Then retake the same photos wearing the same gear in 4 weeks to compare the progress.

b. take tape measurements of your body at the beginning of the 4 weeks and then at the end. Click here now to view a video of Tee showing you how and where to measure yourself from home. 

c. If you post any of your progress photos on social media please use hashtag #workoutwithtee and tag @teurai1 on Instagram or Fitness To A Tee on Facebook. 

6. What if I want to get a customised meal plan?

It is recommended that you also use a healthy eating meal plan to get even better results if you are already not on a healthy eating plan. The meal plan is not included in this plan, but you can get a customised meal plan designed by Tee. You will save $60 if you get it along with the home workout plan so the total price for the meal plan will be $60. Please email Tee at for details on the meal plan or click here now to read more info about the meal plans. 

7.  What if I have questions, comments and/or feedback as I do this workout plan?

Email support is provided with this plan. Please email Tee at and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. 


8. What if I want to find out more about 1:1 coaching where I work directly with Tee?

For customised plans and 1:1 online coaching, contact Tee directly by sending an email to or clicking here for the Contact page. You can also click here now for information on the 1:1 online plans. 

*Please share & post any of your progress pics and workout shots whilst doing this 4 week plan. You can use hashtag #workoutwithTee and #fitnesstoatee.